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Quality is mesurable As a form of organisation of the 1989 founded Roof Concept Marketing and Communication group, Roof Roncept Light Systems is specialised on the marketing of high-valued lighting technological components since the 1990’s. The product assortment concentrates on lamp and ballast technologies of leading proprietaryarticles such as Philips, Osram and Sylvania. In its function as a System and Marketing partner of horticulture, the wholesale trade in light technology and well-known institutes for research and development, we provide our customers with optimal fitted exposure components. They were specially developed for the qualitative and economical demands of vegetable growth.

LED-LösungenMore than ever it is important to have intelligent light systems as a foundation for the modern, competitive horticulture. With the use of reliable optimated light technology it is now possible to reach a permanently higher quality in terms of more yield per filed and a shorter period of growth. You are the decider and you should be able to come back to the most modern light technologies at every time. We would like to support you efficiently with the new purchase or rearrangement of new light technologies. Because of our continuing occupation with the demands and needs of the horticulture we put high-valued products and also cost saving systems at your disposal. If it should be necessary to exchange lamps you can now use the most innovative light components that are offered at present. 



During the dialogue with our customers and the manufacturers of our products we actively support the plans and improvements of the coming light generations so that the light quality, the optimated use of energy, and the growing yields are still guaranteed.



Our services

  • high availability of all products
  • time of delivery: 24 hours ( within Germany)
  • international marketing
  • environmental awareness for the management of light: competent, cost saving and environmental concepts for the sewage and refuse disposal